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Children's book editing services

Taking your words to magical heights

​You've finally written your children's book. Now it's tugging at your sleeve, demanding to be shared. But you know it’s not ready to flutter into the world just yet.​ Maybe your characters refuse to spread their wings or your plot keeps flying sideways.​ Perhaps your manuscript needs a polish before you submit it to a publishing house or an agent.​ You could be a self-publisher who wants to produce a high quality book. Or you might just be unsure if your writing will appeal to modern kids.

Relax! Little Story Wren is ready to hop in and help.


About Little Story Wren

My name is Brenda Gurr.

I’m an accredited editor with 20+ years of experience in working with children’s books. I’m currently the editor at Red Paper Kite Publishing, an independent picture book publisher.

I’m also the author of dozens of children’s books with publishers like New Frontier, Macmillan Education, Heinemann, Cengage and RIC Publications.

I adore children’s books, and I love helping writers like you achieve their goals. I know it’s worth every ruffled feather and bruised wing to see your name on the cover of a book.

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"Little Story Wren has sprinkled magic onto my children’s picture book manuscript."

– Dr Danielle Camer, Sophie won’t sleep


I offer a range of ways to make your manuscript ready for your readers.

Brown wren at dawn taking in a view

This is a report on big-picture elements like plot, characterisation, structure, setting, style, language, pacing and market suitability.

Small dark-coloured wren with a huge orange eye

A final check before you send off or publish your manuscript.

Nest full of wren eggs

Also known as substantive or structural editing, this is a more intensive, direct style of editing.

Two wrens sitting on a branch

A 45-minute Zoom session tailored to your individual writing needs.

Brown wren looking closely at a tree branch

This is a check for consistency, logic, accuracy and language use (including grammar and spelling).

Grey wren sitting on a branch looking puzzled

No problem! Get in touch, and we'll work it out together.

"Brenda provided timely and valuable comments and suggestions, which helped the story flow and complemented the illustrations beautifully."

– Nic Cooper, Where in the world is Melbourne?


A sample of books I have recently edited.

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