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Children's book editing services

Whether you need a deep dive into character development or a featherlight touch to check grammar and punctuation, I'm here to make sure your book soars to a higher level. At all times, I'm respectful of your unique voice and vision. If you're not sure what type of editing you need, please contact me here. I'm happy to provide guidance to help you select the service that's right for you and your project.


"Brenda's feedback on my picture book manuscript was thoughtful, insightful and comprehensive."

– Heather Cummins, Author

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Manuscript assessment

A written report that focuses on the big-picture elements like plot, characterisation, structure, setting, style, language, pacing and market suitability. I’ll provide honest and constructive feedback so you can clearly understand where your strengths lie and how you can improve your work. 

A manuscript assessment is most likely the right choice for you if you are having thoughts like these.

  • I'm a newer writer, and I'm not sure what to do next.

  • I need feedback on my manuscript as a whole.

  • I'm not sure whether my themes or messages are clear.

  • I'm getting frustrated by my partly written manuscript.

  • I don't know whether my plot, structure or characters really work for child readers.

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Developmental editing

Also known as substantive or structural editing, this is a more intensive, direct style of editing. Here I use Track Changes in Word to make comments throughout your manuscript. I may offer suggestions for rewrites, or pose questions about elements like story flow or character actions.


Developmental editing is most likely the right choice for you if you are well beyond your first draft and you're having thoughts like these.

  • I'm not sure if my scenes will engage a reader.

  • I'm concerned that my narrative voice isn't strong enough.

  • I think my story has plot holes but I'm not certain how to fix them.

  • I'm worried that my characters aren't behaving in a realistic way. 

  • I can't tell if my dialogue is expressing emotion and thought effectively.

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This is a check for consistency, logic, accuracy and language use (including grammar and spelling). It’s an essential step if you are self-publishing or submitting your work to publishers. I use Track Changes in Word to make comments for you to consider.

Copyediting is most likely the right choice for you if you've had developmental editing or an assessment completed, and you're happy with your overall plot and/or structure. You're also having thoughts like these.

  • I want to be certain that the mechanics of my writing (like spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure) are correct.

  • I need a check on elements like logic, continuity and steady point of view.

  • I'm eager to enhance the readability, clarity and tone of my work.

  • My story is close to being finished. Now I want to focus on accuracy and consistency.

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This is the final check before a manuscript is sent to a publisher or printer. I am happy to proofread your manuscript provided I haven’t seen it before.

When I'm proofreading, I check that all elements of the manuscript are included and any typographical errors have been corrected.

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Coaching session

A 45-minute Zoom session tailored to your individual needs. Need advice on structure, plot or characterisation? Hankering for a general chat about how your work is progressing? No problem! Send me your manuscript for pre-reading, and we can get started.

Coaching is perfect if you need motivation, support to overcome writing obstacles, or a mentor to guide your progress. You can book as many sessions as you need.

Not sure?
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Not sure what you need?

If you're feeling unsure about which level of editing you need, please get in touch. We'll work it out together!

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